Raindrop Technique on Horses

Horses and Raindrop Technique

Just thought I would drop you a note and let you know how the horses are doing.  The 2 horses we did the raindrop therapy on are doing GREAT!!!  The one horse Nina, she was having trouble breathing and she also had strangles last year, but didn’t bust. She was doing 90% better within 3 days of the raindrop therapy.  After about 6 days she was back to normal, (breathing normal) and bucking and running around like an idiot.  And Poo Bear the other horse, she was really bad you could hear her breathing in her stall.She was about 90% better in 7 days, then we also gave her an herbal liquid for allergies and she is now 100% better.
YEA!!!!  We are so happy we found Young Living Oils.  I hope we always get these results.  I will get the tapes back to you ASAP.  Thank You for letting me borrow them.  Do you have any other Video Tapes on Oils. If so can I borrow them. Also I got the Trauma Life in for Dooger and I put it on his forehead, behind his ears and I also let him smell it. I gave him a couple of days off and I’m going to ride him tonight. I’ll let you know how he does. Thanks for all your help.

P.S. Poo Bear placed 3rd in barrels last weekend.
Lisa Hickman
Sick Colt
The colt went to Ohio State Univ. Vet. Hosp. the first of June. He had surgery for sciatic nerve problems (not a torn ligament as was originally diagnosed). He was not given a very good prognosis. After being there for 3 weeks, he developed an infection in the bone which was spreading rapidly. After 2 weeks of antibiotics the infection was still pretty severe. They were talking of putting him down.
Thank goodness my friend decided to bring him home and go back to using our wonderful oils on him. The first day home his temperature was still 101. ( It had been ranging between 101 and 103 ). That night she used Thieves along his spine. By morning his temperature was down to 99 !! Two days later I did a raindrop therapy on him, ( my first experience with any animal and what an experience that was!! :) He definitely let us know when the oils got too “warm”. ) My friends are still calling me Dr. Doolittle !!
All joking aside, it really was a rewarding experience. He is such a beautiful little animal. That has been two weeks ago, and they have been applying several oils each day since then. Now the good news. He went back to O.S.U. Vet. Hosp. yesterday for a check-up. They could not believe he was the same colt. He had improved so much. He is still not completely out of the woods yet though. There is still a little bit of infection there, but they were so impressed with his improvement, they asked to do a video of him for their research.
How blessed we are to have these wonderful products, and to have the knowledge that Dr. Young has passed on to us enabling us to help other people (and animals)!
Susan Allender

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