NingXia Red

NingXia Red

NingXia Red, the tastiest and most powerful antioxidant juice in the world, has a patent-pending blend of life-giving ingredients. NingXia Red is a “must-have” product generating noticeable results. Drink NingXia Red daily for health, energy, and life!

What Can Ninxia Red Do for Your Best Friend?

Scientists have long pursued the dream of capturing longevity and vitality in a bottle.Young Living has done it with NingXia Red!

NingXia Red Has Captured Longevity and Vitality in a Bottle

NingXia Red

By developing a proprietary formula that combines wolfberry juice with the juices of blueberries, raspberries, apricots, and pomegranates, Young Living created NingXia Red, an amazing “synergistic” juice.

Research at Cornell University proved the synergistic effects of the phytochemicals found in whole foods. What this means is that sometimes “the whole is greater than the sum of the parts.”

Our own Young Living research lab has confirmed that the juices combined in NingXia Red’s proprietary blend actually boost one another’s antioxidant properties to produce a higher ORAC measurement than would be achieved by simply adding their scores together.

NingXia Red Uses Natural Synergy to Create #1 Antioxidant Drink

Look at the label! Other health drinks contain “junk juices” such as white grape, apple, and pear. These sugary juices contain very little health benefit. Our own juices are carefully selected rich, dark juices known to enhance longevity and health. These darker juices are extremely high in anthocyanidins, flavanoids, and carotenoids, which have been shown to strengthen collagen, protect against cardiovascular disease, and absorb free radicals. The synergy between these essential phytonutrients (i.e., plant nutrients) multiplies its effect on crucial biochemical processes within the body. Synergy means that these juices combined have more antioxidant activity than the sum of the individual juices. It’s the synergy of nature’s best ingredients that makes NingXia Red the most powerful antioxidant juice anywhere. Tests prove that NingXia Red is indeed SYNERGIZED!

Essential Oils
ORAC testing has shown that essential oils have also been found to have the very powerful antioxidant d-limonene. NingXia Red is the only drink available that contains lemon and orange essential oils. These oils alone have remarkable health promoting benefits, which is just one more reason that NingXia Red is the most amazing health drink available.

Other Rejuvenating Ingredients
Ningxia wolfberry, the primary ingredient in NingXia Red, along with the powerful combination of select juices and essential oils, is what makes NingXia Red the juice of choice for daily health optimization!

  • Wolfberry-The Miracle Superfood. Supports Multiple Biosystems,   Ultra-Rich Nutrient Source
  • Blueberry Contains Ultra High Levels of Antioxidants
  • Pomegranate Supports Cardiovascular Health
  • Apricot Revered for Longevity Support
  • Raspberry Contains Ellagic Acid, a DNA Protectant
  • Essential Oils Contain the Antioxidant D-Limonene

Competitive Analysis
When NingXia Red was tested, the ORAC results were astounding. The ORAC results disclosed that not only is the NingXia wolfberry the world’s highest antioxidant food, but NingXia Red is the number one antioxidant product on the market today.

Ultra High in Antioxidants
NingXia Red is considered to be a wide-spectrum antioxidant, meaning it does more than just protect the body against a single “free-radical” (free radicals in the body damage cells, proteins, and DNA by altering their chemical structure.) NingXia Red’s capacity to absorb four of the most prevalent free-radicals found in the human body is superior. Specifically, its capacity to absorb the superoxide free radical, the most abundant free radical in the human body, is many times more effective than the closest competitor health drink!

NingXia Red ORAC    

NingXia Red – the Most Powerful Antioxidant Drink – Also Tastes Great

Wonderfully flavored with light agave syrup and lemon and orange essential oils, NingXia Red delivers amazing health benefits and delectable taste in one delightful beverage. Yes, it tastes great!

Just one delicious ounce a day empowers your body with the antioxidant power to fight cellular damage from free radicals. Being able to consume a veritable storehouse of nutrition has never been easier. NingXia Red is packed with vitamins and vital trace minerals. A full complement of amino acids and essential fatty acids is also found in this delightful tangy juice.

Treat your body to an energizing tonic that will delight your taste buds.

Ingredients: Whole Ningxia wolfberry (lyceum barbarum) puree, Blueberry (Vaccinium corymbosum) juice, Pomegranate (Punica granatum) juice, Apricot (Prunus armeniaca) juice, Raspberry (Rubus idaeus) juice, Organic blue agave (A. tequilana) nectar, Grape (Vitis vinifera) seed, skin, and stem, Lemon (Citrus limon) rind, Orange (Citrus sinensis) rind.

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What Can NingXia Red Do for Your Best Friend?

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  1. Can I give this to my dog? Just need to make sure because I take it every day and I feel it is keeping me very healthy. Even my doctor is astonished when regular blood work comes back. He tells me to keep on doing what I’m doing. Would like my vet to say same thing about my dog.

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